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EN_Convegno INTERREG III: Valutazione integrata della qualità dell'aria in val Belluna

Qualita_dell_aria_val_Belluna.gifIntegrated Evaluation of Air Quality in Val Belluna italia.gif

INTERREG IIIA/Italy-Austria 2000-2006 Project cod. 111075VEN co-funded by European Union - FESR

The project VIQA VB “Integrated Evaluation of Air Quality in Val Belluna” comes under in the European program INTERREG IIIA Italy-Austria 2000-2006.
The main goals of the initiative were:

  • to investigate the emission sources in the area and to quantify their apportionment;
  • to valuate orography’s contribution;
  • to valuate local climate’s effects;
  • to carry out a modelling instrument for the simulation of pollutants dispersion;
  • to share methods, experiences and knowledge with our Austrian partners.

The meteo-climatic analysis permitted to increase the knowledge on the peculiarity of atmospheric circulation in the lower layers of the valley and on the role of the meteorology influencing air quality.
The study of the various emission sources allowed the creation of an emission database able to qualify and quantify the weight of the activities in air pollution determination.
The use of emission and meteo data became the input for the model and it permitted to carry out some long and short term simulations on the entire valley in order to evaluate the air quality.
The results let us to furnish the real local dynamics of the atmospheric pollution.
Information and knowledge obtained could be a valid tool for the local bodies to set up development and intervention policies connected with atmospheric pollution.

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Reports of the conference:

Project's motivations and its structure 1,57 MB abstract   italia.gif   6,69 KB   inglese.gif   6,38 KB
Dr. Rodolfo Bassan

The air quality in Val Belluna and in Veneto Region  961 KB abstract   italia.gif  4,83 KB   inglese.gif  4,70 KB
Dr. Alessandro Benassi

Air quality modelling in the Belluno Valley 1,54 MB abstract   italia.gif  9,18 KB  inglese.gif   7,44 KB
Dr.ssa Stefania Ganz

Amt der kärntner landesregierung Abteilung 15 - Umwelt 3,18 MB
Ing. Dr. Kurt Helling

The special features of atmosferic in the boundary layer of Val Belluna  52 KB abstract  italia.gif   9,18 KB   inglese.gif  7,44 KB
Dr. Robert Thierry Luciani

Atmosperich emissions inventory in the Belluno Valley 3,79 MB abstract   italia.gif  11,7 KB   inglese.gif  9,74 KB
Dr. Roberto Piol

The quality and actions to Sonnblick and models of dispersion between Belluno and Sonnblick  3,15 MB
Dr. Michael Staudinger

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